Monday, 8 May 2017

Address Baldness With Advanced Hair Transplantation

Hair transplantation procedures are grown to become the latest craze among people. the popularity cannot be considered as just the curiosity for something new. The procedure is god send for addressing the woes of millions of people affected by hair loss, lack of hair growth, persistent hair fall and associated baldness.

Hair transplantation involves a surgical procedure where hair from the area of dense growth is removed and transplanted at the site of hair thinning or baldness. The area from where the hair is extracted is called donor site and the area to where it is transplanted is called recipient area. The transplanted hair behaves naturally and grows at the recipient site naturally.

The procedure of hair transplant can be used in cases or sparse hair growth not just on scalp but also on beard, eyebrows, moustache and other parts of the body. Hair transplant can be used to modify the hair line for aesthetic purposes as well.

Scope Of Hair Transplant Procedure

Hair transplant procedures are usually used in cases when hair therapies to incite hair regrowth fails. They help in restoring our self-esteem and confidence in our appearance. Hair transplant procedure is used in the following cases: -
  • To remedy hair loss that affects the appearance
  • In cases where sufficient donor sites are available.
  • As a part of cosmetic procedures to manipulate hair line.
  • To remedy inadequateness in facial and body hair.

Hair Transplant Procedure

Hair transplant procedures are popularly done with technique like FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) or motorised FUE. The procedure involves removal of hair units from the donor area after administering local anaesthesia and transplanting it at the recipient areas.

Motorised FUE makes use of a robotic instrument for the transplantation procedure and hence are more simple and easier. They do not cause any harm to the hair follicles.

The transplanted hair behaves in the same way as natural hair and can fall off after some time. The procedure is not a treatment or procedure or cure for hair fall.

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