Friday, 24 March 2017

Clear Your Vision Through Ptosis Treatment

Ptosis commonly known as sleepy eyes and it is found in many people. This is a condition when eyelids do not open as much as it should. Also known as droopy eyelids, lazy eyes, amblyopia or blepharoptosis. This  physical condition can easily rectify with ptosis surgery

What is ptosis?

Ptosis is nothing but the unusually low position of the eyelids. This leads to the impression of the individual having sleepy eyes. This might be distinctly visible in some people while in others it may be hidden by pupils, iris, etc. Severe case of ptosis might even result in astigmatism. Ptosis might be acquired or congenital. The weakness of the eyelid muscles might be the reason of the acquired ptosis while congenital is not as common as acquired.

Symtoms of Ptosis

  • Impaired vision
  • Increased heaviness of the eyelid
  • Headache due to forehead muscle strain and eyestrain 
  • Constant raising of the eyebrow in order to lift the eyelid
  • Tilting of the head to see bette

How is ptosis treated?

Ptosis is usually treated with a surgery and is commonly completed in one day.Tightening the levator muscle in the eyelid is the most effective route to restore a full field of vision and allow that muscle to regain its effectiveness. The surgery begins with a small incision to the upper eyelid then tighten the levator muscle using a small object. It will take around six weeks to heal the wounds completely.

The surgical methods to treat ptosis are done with utmost care and responsibility at the Specialist’s Hospital, Kochi.
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