Saturday, 10 March 2018

Correct Your Ear With Ear Reconstruction Surgery

Are you worried about your misshaped ear? Don't worry about that. Now you can easily correct your ears. The best ear reconstruction surgery is here for you.  It is considered as the most difficult plastic surgery procedures - but the results are now excellent. This type of ear surgery is needed for the patients,
  • who has an underdeveloped ear at birth
  • who have lost a normal ear

Reason for ear defects may be:

  • Cancer ablation
  • Prominent ears
  • Congenital hypoplasia
  • Trauma

The main cause of microtia is the incomplete embryonic development. It is a congenital defect which affects the ear. There are different reconstruction surgeries for repairing the ear.

 The main ear construction methods include:

  • Otoplasty
  • Bat ear correction
  • Earlobe repair

Treatment procedures:

Ear reconstruction surgery involves a multi-faceted approach. The surgeon thoroughly understands the condition first. After that, the treatment starts.

Firstly, the surgeon makes a small opening behind the ear where the ear get joined to the head. Cartilage and skin will be removed as per the requirement. Sometimes, the surgeon also trim the cartilage to get the desired look and shape. Then the surgeon pin back the cartilage with sutures in order to secure the cartilage. In some cases, surgeon use stitches to hold the cartilage in the right place, instead of removing it.

The surgery is carried out under anesthesia. Slight discomfort may be experienced by the patients after completing the surgery. To hold the ear in the desired position headbands are used. Proper follow-up care should be there after the surgery. Anything unusual should be reported to the doctor.

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