Thursday, 31 July 2014

Restore the Lost Hair With Hair Transplantation Surgery...!!!

The most significant attribute of our personality as we all know is Hair. Hair loss is a widespread problem these days.  Men and women both face this problem and it has become common for both around the globe in all age groups. The best and the permanent solution for hair baldness and hair loss is Hair Transplant.

The first hair transplant surgery in Kerala was performed in 1975 by Dr. K.R. Rajappan who is one of the first generation of plastic surgeons in Kerala.

We have evolved from old punch grafts to the most advanced FUE technique over 38 years of experience.

Folliscope is another advanced digital device with software for diagnosing hair and scalp problems. We are the first institution in Kerala to start the hair transplant units using the most modern equipments.

Ours is the first center to use Video microscope (Folliscreen) in Kerala to prepare the follicular units. We use Choi implanter (Follipen) to implant the hairs .This device protects the hair while implanting and prevents damage to the precious hair. Implanting is made easier, faster and safer with this device.

The most recent addition to the hair transplant unit is Motorized Follicular Unit Extractor for harvesting hair follicles. Fue is the most advanced method of harvesting hair. FUE and Motorized FUE are the latest techniques we use at our centre for hair transplantation.

A hair transplant process is a good thing to count on for the increasing number of people going bald of late.

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